Excerpts from What’s So Great About God: A Daily Journey Through the Attributes of God

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• The powerful forces all around us make us feel like a mouse caught in some giant machinery, running around trying to avoid being crushed in the gears. We are indeed inside a giant machine, but the machine is God’s, and you are not a mouse, but a cog. The heavy, steel gears that are turning you are doing so by God’s design and under His control. 

• His anger is like lightening—awesome and dangerous, but momentary. His love is like sunshine—constant, pervasive, enduring—persisting even when our eyes are closed. 

• How many things is the Holy Spirit doing in you right this minute? strengthening, sustaining, guiding, comforting, reviving, teaching, drawing, feeding, nourishing, satisfying, delighting, protecting, purifying, transforming... 

• Dear Father, give me the grace to go the next 24 hours without complaining or grumbling a single time - not even in my own thoughts. 

• Examine your fears and joys. Fear comes when the object of your faith is in doubt, and joy comes when the object of your faith seems certain. 

• Father, today let my focus not be on the mercies of God, but on the God of mercies. 

• Am I seeking the praise of men? Which puts me in a better mood - when I have the approval of God but not of men? Or when I have the approval of men but not of God? 

• Praise God for being both loving and powerful! His love sweetens His power, and His power sets His love in unstoppable motion. 

• God's goodness is raining down on you in a deluge every moment of the day. Are you tasting it? 

• For the Christian there is no such thing as "alone." (Ps.139:1-12) 

• Lord, teach me to enjoy Your presence through Your presents 

• The Lord listens more intently and cares more deeply about my prayers even than I do. 

• God is more willing to save me than I am willing to be saved. The price He was willing to pay was far greater than the price I'm willing to pay (as seen by the decisions I tend to make) 

• When Satan exhausted his entire fortune offering Jesus all the kingdoms of the world, was the largest, most extravagant bribe ever offered; and God has given us more than that. 

• All running is running to God. If you run from God’s love you run into the rod of His wrath. And the only way to run from His wrath is to run to His arms of His mercy. 

• Our joy is greater than the world's because our sorrows are deeper. The world has only superficial sorrows (sorrows over temporal things only), but they fall into despair anyway because their joys are even more superficial. But we grieve over massive, eternal sorrows, and so our restoration brings us transcendent joy 

• As I witness things happen today Father – a cloud moving, the mountains not moving, a phone ringing, a bug crawling somewhere, something falling off a shelf, interactions between volitionally free human beings…let me rejoice and revel in the knowledge that the One who is controlling all those things in the outworking of His perfect plan is also the One who promised to take care of me and bless me!